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  • 4245007132
  • Caller ID
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Region
  • Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
  • Carrier

Spam/Fraud Potential

High Risk

100% people reported unsafe.

1 reports in total.

Data Analysis

  • 1
    Spam Reports
  • 1
    Total Reports
  • 3
    Total Searches
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Latest Activities

IP Address Activity Timestamp
0.#.#.# Marked (424) 500-7132 as unsafe 2023-04-06 06:13 p.m.

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If you own the number (424) 500-7132, and want to correct, update or remove this listing, you may click “Edit Listing” or “Remove Listing” below, and send us an email. We would further verify if this number belongs to you and update our database accordingly.

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Asked Questions

  • Why can't I find the caller's name to a phone number on this website?

    Information on a certain phone number may be unavailable for a couple of reasons.

    First, no one has ever reported on the number as safe or unsafe;

    second, scammers usually use fake numbers;

    third, the number is not included in our database but we are constantly updating our database, and new numbers are added everyday, so please check it later.

  • What does Safety Factors indicate?

    The more our users vote the number as unsafe, the lower the number's Safety factor is.

    Low Safety factor indicates the phone number is very likely to be scam or fraud;

    Normal Safety factor indicates the phone number needs further user verification;

    High Safety factor indicates the phone number is quite possibly safe.

  • Can I post a comment anonymously?

    Yes! We support anonymous comments. Check the box "I'd rather post as a guest" and write any name you like.

    Ta-da, your email address is still needed to verify you are not a spammer or a bot but please be assured that your email will not be displayed.

  • If my phone number is incorrectly marked as unsafe, how can I remove or correct this listing?

    If you are the owner of a certain phone number, you may send us a request to update or correct the listing by clicking “Edit Listing” or "Remove Listing" on the right side of the page.

    You must first verify ownership, and you will be able to submit corrections for approval as well as see the real (unmasked) IP addresses in the recent activity interface.

  • What can I do with bad and inaccurate comments under my number's page?

    You can either post a new comment to clarify the situation or you can contact us to close down the comment section under your phone number, but you need to verify your ownership first.

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